Random Inspiration: Effie Trinket/Alexander McQueen



One of my favorite visually-stunning characters from The Hunger Games is Effie Trinket.  I love how her fashions seem very avant garde and yet, quite colorfully, beautiful.  Many of her outfits consist of dresses from designer Alexander McQueen.  Her monarch butterfly dress, from McQueen’s Spring 2011 collection, is such a lovely example of wearable art and design.


effie trinket


Effie’s outfit is complimented by a coordinating fascinator that has been replicated by many fans.  Below is an easy Youtube tutorial from  E. Kalis.



The tutorial inspired me to make a headband version using smocking, pleating, and origami techniques.  I also made a coordinating necklace in place of making the collared butterfly dress due to limited time and resources.






Here is my completed costume and I must say I love it!  The Minnie Mouse ears were just an additional piece for participation in a Chipotle’s Halloween promotion.



Please feel free to comment and share pics of your costumes/outfits that were inspired by The Hunger Games or other movies, tv shows, animation, novels, etc.




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